A Champion of Plastic

This made me laugh today. Because if I didn’t laugh, I’d probably have a wee cry.

First, this Android & Me article sparked my curiosity on how they could compare the new Apple phones to so many competitors. I won’t examine the whole article, just these two paragraphs :

Let’s start with the new “budget” iPhone, the iPhone 5C. The design departs from traditional Apple aesthetics in favor of a glossy plastic back. Now, I won’t insult Apple for using plastics. I myself have defended plastics for a long time and will continue to do so. Plastic has a lot of merits, including durability (something the aluminum iPhones don’t have). However, this is probably the biggest thing Apple fans hate on Samsung for.


Yes, Samsung is known worldwide as the biggest user (abuser?) of plastics. All of their phones are glossy plastic, and many say it feels cheap even when it’s sturdy. I agree it doesn’t quite feel premium. But now that an iPhone is plastic and Apple is proud of it, what will people say about Samsung? Will those same Apple fans denounce the 5C? Doubtful. But the plastic, especially with the high gloss, is definitely reminiscent of the very company they’ve been suing for ages.

Then next, and I’m not making this up, I stumbled across this Techcrunch article.

TechCrunch Apple Article

No, really. From the article :

Apple today introduced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, and though the iPhone 5C is the less expensive of the two, it’s nonetheless very impressive hardware. I got some hands-on time with the 5C immediately following the presentation, and the plastic-backed beauty leaves a very good impression thanks to its single-piece case design and lightness in the hand.

Draw your own conclusions. As I’m certain many millions of Apple fanbois surely will.