I’m an ex-network engineer turned data & security specialist, which means that I know TCP/IP, firewalls, routers and switches.  In particular, I know Cisco and Palo Alto Networks devices pretty well and some other industry standard products, such as F5, Bluecoat, Infoblox and Solarwinds.

Since technology is a hobby, I’ve been following various open source initiatives out there, such as Ubuntu, Firefox and Kodi (XBMC). Other favourite open source software I can recommend includes Cacti, Zenmap, OpenNMS and since it powers this site, WordPress.

I became very jaded about both Windows and Apple around 2005 and started dabbling in various Linux distributions until 2006 when I settled in Ubuntu-land.  I’ve been an on-and-off Ubuntu Forums contributor since, and I’ve opened a few bugs and commented on a few others.  I’ve also answered over 150 questions on Ask Ubuntu, putting me in their top 100 contributors.

I use an Android phone.  It was a choice of the lesser of various evils – I will never buy, or support in any form anything that Apple does and I feel nearly the same way about Microsoft.  That left Blackberry, which I was bored with, and Android.  I am, however, delighted with my choice.  Since I’ve already sold my soul to Google by using their search, e-mail and (back then) reader products, I’ve not much more to lose by using Android. Since Jelly Bean, I have no qualms recommending an Android phone to anyone. And since Google Now and Lollipop, I realise that despite my love of the upcoming Ubuntu Touch/Phone… change will be difficult.

I’m trying (still) to learn Python so that I can scratch a few development itches that have been growing over the past couple of years. A while before I release anything yet mind you, but the pebble is rolling down the snowy mountainside. Let’s see how it looks when it reaches the bottom.

I’m Scottish, live in Edinburgh, married, with children.

If you want to know more, you’ll have to buy me a pint.