Intelligent Design Discussed Intelligently


So, after my last post on Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about UFOs, I watched both clips again because they’re just so damn good. At the end of the second clip, I was offered this video, where deGrasse Tyson does a presentation on Intelligent Design.

Now I thought, foolishly it turns out, that this was something about how to design everyday objects intelligently, perhaps imbuing them with some kind of natural efficiency, or intuitive function.

Nope, “intelligent design” is a philosophy which invokes God as the creator of everything. Here, I’ll save you the act of looking it up on Wikipedia which goes into a LOT of detail on why this “scientific hypothesis of God” is anything but scientific.

It’s a long presentation at 45 minutes, but let me just say – I only intended to watch 5 minutes to get the gist and ended up watching the whole presentation. THEN, I felt compelled to blog about it, because it’s just that awesome. Hope you enjoy it.