Well that was depressing. I checked my website for the first time today for a while and discovered that I’d been hacked. A now defaced Scaine.net was now displaying the picture of a popular horror icon and not a lot else.

Judging from the Live HTTP headers, it looks like it just made a few calls to Youtube – presumably for tracking purposes. It didn’t look like it was trying to actually infect visitors – however since I can’t be absolutley sure, I’d recommend that you virus scan your PC urgently if you visited the page and saw the hacked site pop up.

The hacker went on to report the hack on zone-h.org. Bully for him. Or her. At least that suggests when the defacement took place – yesterday at 5am, GMT, so the site was only defaced for a few hours until I got home and re-installed WordPress and changed the password.

However, since I’m not sure how they hacked the site in the first place, I have no idea if they’ll manage (or bother) to hack it again. My ISP wasn’t massively forthcoming on helping me in that respect, which is disappointing. They were otherwise very helpful however, so I’ll maybe raise a support ticket to see if they can diagnose how it happened, with a view to preventing it in future.

Carry on. Nothing to see here.