Chromium on Ubuntu

I’ve been properly trying out Chromium (currently on my Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) laptop. It’s been a mixed bag. Here’s some pros:

  1. Incredible start up.  Really, incredible.  Click icon, start using app IMMEDIATELY.  I’m really not used to that.  Chromium will have started up in half the time it takes Firefox 3.5 to load the SECOND time on Jaunty.
  2. Feels very snappy.  It seems to display as much of the page as it can before it’s got the whole lot, which helps the feeling of speed.
  3. Supports your GTK theme, so it fits nicely into the overall feel of the desktop, particularly if you add (as I do) the standard menu button.
  4. Chromium Experiments are a lot of fun and really showcase the difference in speed in the V8 javascript engine.
  5. The speed dial that appears when you ask for a new tab is pretty sweet.  A lot like Opera, I think, although it’s been a while since I tried that.
  6. The resizing is very quick, although the increments seem to be quite large.  CTRL-mousewheel is a nice standard shortcut.