Nov 25

Meet Elisa

Been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? But that just means that there’s even more cool stuff to nail now that I’m back. To kick off, here’s a video showing the latest and greatest from Fluendo’s Elisa media centre.

Having watched all that, I do have to admit that Elisa is still a little ropey on my Hardy build. I’m hopeful that by the time the Heron goes live, we’ll have an Elisa that runs comfortably under Compiz and doesn’t need too much tweaking of the configuration file. In fact, the drag and drop support for video/picture sources is a great start in that endevour. Finger’s crossed for April.

Nov 17



I sincerely hope this works.  If it does, you can see the earth rising over the moon, from about 100K above the moon’s surface.  From this Register article.

Shame – that embedded object didn’t work.  You can still see the movie by using the link above, or by visiting it directly, here.

[EDIT : I've added a Youtube rendition below]